Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lisas Chic Boutique - Site Makeover Complete

Lisa's Chic Boutique had an extreme funky divalicious makeover by cgonsa web design! We are very excited about the fabulous results and pleased to be able to share it with all our diva's.

Stop by the boutique and shop the unique one of kind selection of vintage inspired cigar box purses and pinup girl vanity cases for business cards and tampons. We also carry whimsical purses adorned with funky flowers and boas.

Our boutique of swarovski crystal embellished accessories you typical find in your purse includes, cosmetics cases, pens, and crystal cell phones. For your diva feet we have even added super cute crystal Haviana flip flops! For your doggie, crystal embellished dog leashes. Now that's sparkling hot!

Crystal embellished skull and crossbone diva jewelry and rockin belt buckles are the latest hottest trendiest accessory found right here at Lisa's Chic Boutique!


CELESTE! said...

I LIKE LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so cute.
<3 celeste.
your favorite person! (:

lisap said...

Your site looks amazing!!
Can't wait to see all of your new stuff!
Lisa P.

Melissa Cleland said...

Lisa - everything you do is fablous!! I am looking forward to shopping on your site - its amazing just like you!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this site! Lisa's products are AWESOME! Craftsmanship, super sassy style, flirty, FABULOUS, 'one-of-a-kind' details make Lisa's products GREAT gifts for friends, family and YOU, making everyone feel pampered from head to toe! Lisa is one awesome chick!!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, everyone has been asking when you're going to have a party to spotlight your new creations! We want Lisa!

Anonymous said...

Lisa's individualism, personal best, incredible work ethic and super sense of style shine in her 'must have' creations! We love you, Lisa! Your site was so easy to find - it came up first on the Yahoo search engine! So happy for you! May you have all the success in the world!