Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Purse Hangers Are a Must Have Accessory

Do you find yourself out to a restaurant,bar, salon or anywhere else and just gasp when you have to place your purse on the dirty floor and risk the chance of getting sick from all the germs your purse has collected. Your purse could be making you sick as ABC News investigates.
The solution is Lisa's Chic Boutiques crystal designed Purse Hangers!
They come in a velvet pouch for easy access in your purse when out and about and simply hook the hanger on the table and hang your Purse, cell phone or umbrella.
Your Purse is now off the floor and in your view... Perfect solution Divas!

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Elite Housewares said...

These hangers really works great wherever you go, just stick them wherever you want and hang your purse on it so that it don't gets dirty.