Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Do you Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin?

So what's new with Lisa's Chic Boutique? I haven't updated my blog in awhile, something I really need to work on. There are so many aspects to running your own business and trying to juggle it all especially with children. In the world of social media networking the most popular ones being Facebook,Twitter, & Linkedin , it may seem like a lot to digest and keep up with, but the success of your business depends on it. I remember when it used to be just the Yellow pages, what's that? Besides creating new Cigar Box Purses, feather headbands,bottle cap jewelry,"Stinky Pinky" clothes,mirrors and so much more. I now have to keep up with all my networking venues I'm a part of and have found I have generated so much more business, made new friends and now keeping in touch with family in 2 other states all through Facebook & Twitter.
I came across a Realtors blog and loved how he summed up all 3 media networks, "Facebook has become the online cocktail party. Great way to agents and consumers to connect, very light touching, not heavy selling,” said Calzadilla. “LinkedIn has become the online chamber of commerce, professional, a little more rules when you connect. Twitter is like riding the bus and hearing someone talk about real estate and can say, hey, I’m an agent and I can help you sell that home.”
Well I have to go and "Tweet" away and check my Facebook "Wall" and join Linkedin.

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